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The Tour

Come aboard my boat and I will guide you to explore the beautiful coast of the Gulf of Tigullio and the Portofino promontory as well as around the magnificent marine natural reserve. After a refreshing swim, you could admire the landscape, relax, and drink a glass of fresh wine.

Rates Low season: 3h 280 Euro; 4h 360 Euro; 6h 550 Euro

Rates High season: 3h 330 Euro; 4h 420 Euro; 6h 600 Euro

(Fuel included) Max 5 pax

-Rates High Season (from June 1st to September 30th):

Mon/Fri 3h 280 Euros; 4h 350 Euros; 6h 550 Euros.

Sat/Sun 3h 330 Euros; 4h 420 Euros; 6h 600 Euros.

(Fuel included) Max 5 pax

For info contact us:

+39 3281691428

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