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The Gulf of Tigullio and the Riviera di Levante

Green wooded hills, lush coasts between Mediterranean scrub and villas with exotic gardens, full of palm trees, maritime pines, cypresses and cedars of Lebanon and colorful bougainvillea. Rocky walls overlooking the sea, and a series of gulfs overlooked by villages and towns with magnificent seafront promenades and colorful houses with flowered balconies. From Camogli to Santa Margherita, with Portofino one of the symbolic places of Liguria, and Rapallo Chiavari, Lavagna, down to Moneglia, the beautiful Riviera di Levante has attracted and fascinated tourists from all over the world for more than 200 years. Here every town and village offers the tourist original corners to discover. Portofino with the tall, colorful houses around the famous square, frequented by VIPs and the small port reflecting the colors of the houses, enlivened by the comings and goings of yachts, boats and ferries. Rapallo with the elegant promenade adorned with palm trees that runs alongside with hotels and clubs. Chiavari with its historical center winding arcades and carugi. Lavagna with its wide beaches and finally Sestri Levante, city of two seas, with the Bay of Silence and the one of Fairy Tales.

Don't forget the villages on the hills and the paths between the mountains of the hinterland with its breathtaking landscapes

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