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We will let you know as soon as we are ready!

    Rates: 2h 180 Euros; 4h 300 Euros; 6h 400 Euros. (Fuel included) Max 5 persons

Departure from Rapallo 3-hour tour : 250 Euros
Departure from Santa Margherita L. 3-hour tour: 250 Euros
Departure from Lavagna 4-hour tour:  300 Euros
It is possible, the departure from place and time upon request.

The price refers to the movement of the boat and not per person. However, I would like to propose a special rate for anyone who should be alone and would like to take a boat ride.

The special discounted rates for 1 person alone: 2 hours 130 Euros; 4 hours 240 Euros; 6 hours 320 Euros.

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